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Choosing the Right Tattoo Artist For You

January 20, 2024

What makes the “right” artist for one person can be completely different for another. So what should you take into consideration when trying to find an artist for you? Below are some questions to ask yourself when starting your search for the right artist for you.

Have you looked at a potential tattoo artist reviews?

When you’re deciding on a tattoo artist, be sure to do your research and check out their reviews and examples of their work. Individual tattoo artists have just as much incentive as studios to promote themselves online and make sure they have a positive reputation. Be sure to look for their website or social media as well as the website and social profiles of the studio they work at. If there is any reason to be concerned about a potential artist, you should be able to find that within the comments left by clients.

How much should you ask when you find a tattoo artist?

Once you’ve decided on a potential artist (or a few tattoo artists), reach out and ask questions. Whether you have a small piece or a sleeve in mind, you’ll want to find out their rate and their schedule. For larger pieces, you may even want to schedule a consultation so you can talk through your idea. You want to make sure they are a good fit for you. Be sure to ask:

  • What’s their personality like?
  • Do you feel comfortable with them?
  • Do they want to do the tattoo?
  • What are they charging for the tattoo you want?

Remember that getting a tattoo can be a very personal experience, so it’s important to feel completely at ease with your artist and have full confidence that they will do the work you desire.

Additionally, the cost of tattoos has gone up in the last few years. This is mainly due to the artists undercharging for years prior. Another reason is the cost of supplies (machines, sterile equipment, rents, ink, artist experience, needles, gloves, insurance, inspection costs) have also increased dramatically.  The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true for tattoos. An artist that can give you a $50 tattoo most likely uses subpar equipment, inexperienced artist or someone skimping on sterilization.  

And depending on the scope of the piece you want; you may be with this artist for quite some time throughout multiple sessions. After you talk with a potential artist, you might consider them a new friend at the end of your consultation, or you might decide to keep looking. Either way it’s a good idea to take the time to talk before scheduling an appointment, unless you are getting something on the smaller side or spur of the moment. 

And, perhaps most important of all, meeting with a potential artist is the best time to ask them all the questions you might have. Don’t be shy! The more questions you have the better. This is your chance to eliminate any doubts or unknowns you may have. Asking questions is also a great way for you to get to know the artist and vice versa!

How do I find a good tattoo artist I like?

Looking at an artist’s portfolio is the key to success to pick an artist that’s right for you. You want to make sure the tattoo artists you are considering have the right skill level and can create the piece you want in exactly the style you want. It is likely that an artist will specialize in one or maybe two styles, like realism, sacred geometry, blackwork, script, dotwork, illustration, or watercolor. If an artist specializes exclusively in abstract designs, they may not be the right person to create a photorealistic portrait.

Be sure to do your research and search for their social media and check out pictures and the comments on their work.

How to Find the Right Tattoo Shop for You

 For some people, getting tattooed is all about location, location, location. You’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable in the tattoo shop. Getting tattooed can be an even more painful experience if you feel uncomfortable even before your tattoo artist puts a needle to skin. If you’re worried about the vibe of a shop, we’ve got some things for you to consider.

Have you asked a friend or relative for a referral?

Sometimes the best resource for finding a good shop are your own friends and family. If you know anyone who is tattooed and had a great experience, it’s the easiest thing to ask where they went and start researching that place to see if it could also be a good fit for you! It can also be a great way to preview the kind of work that a shop can do especially if you know more than one person that has been tattooed from the same place.

And if it’s your first tattoo, asking a friend or relative about their experience can also be a great way to know what to expect.

Have you looked at tattoo shop reviews?

If you don’t really know anyone who has tattoos or knows a shop they’d recommend, then you can always look to the internet and social media for help. Most shops work hard to establish their reputation online. So you can expect to find plenty of information about a studio via Instagram, Facebook, or Google.

If you find a studio that has great reviews and does the kind of work you’re looking for, then perhaps you’ve found the right place for you! Of course, before you make that decision it’s a good idea to see the place for yourself. Feel free to stop in anytime. We have digital portfolios in the lobby with current artwork for you to see. 

What should I look for when choosing a tattoo shop?

Although it ultimately may not matter what the shop itself looks like if they have the right attitude and the artists that do the work you’re looking for, it’s still something you should check out before you decide on a shop for your tattoo.

For many, part of choosing a studio is finding a place that not only matches their aesthetic but also makes them feel the most comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable or feel out of place because your style is completely different from the studio’s, then you may not have the best tattoo experience.

How do I pick a safe tattoo shop?

Perhaps more important than checking out the studio’s style or aesthetic is making sure the shop’s interior is clean, sanitary, and well maintained. As you walk through a shop ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the tattoo parlor clean?
  • How do the walls and floors look?
  • Is the room well lit?
  • Is it a facility that is well maintained?

If you see needles scattered about and stains all over the place, these are red flags and you should proceed at your own risk.

Have you checked out the tattoo studio’s equipment?

 A step further into looking at a studio’s interior is checking out their equipment. Every legitimate tattoo shop needs equipment, including a tattoo bed, sterilized needles, sterilized ink, gloves, and other tools to ensure a safe, risk-free environment.

You also want to look around and try to spot tattoo artist licenses and certificates. It helps boost your confidence about a place if you know they only hire qualified and trained artists.

Check Out Southernmost Tattoo

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