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Henri Hohenstien

Meet Henri

Discover the artistry of Henri Hohenstein, a master tattoo artist whose range spans from the delicate precision of fine line work to the bold vibrancy of traditional styles. Henri’s palette brings your dreams to life with colors that pop, creating tattoos that are more than ink on skin—they’re personal masterpieces. With a portfolio that includes everything from simple initials to expansive murals, Henri has skillfully crafted it all. Whether you’re envisioning a small, intimate design or a grand visual statement, Henri is dedicated to bringing your ideas to fruition. Known for his creativity, calm demeanor, and professional approach, Henri transforms every tattoo session into a uniquely tailored experience. Ready to wear a piece of art that speaks to you? Reach out and request the unparalleled talent of Henri Hohenstein for your next tattoo.

Henri's Featured Work

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