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Jamie Snediker
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Meet Jamie

Jamie was raised in Freeport, NY and moved to Key West in 2007 to operate her fishing charter business. She is a USCG Licensed 100-ton Captain and owns Gulfstream Fishing Inc. Formerly a Flight Attendant/Inflight Supervisor/Crew Scheduler in NY, she took a chance and moved to Key West.

In early 2013 she walked into Southernmost Tattoo to get a tattoo from Jason Covington. The shop was run down and empty, but it had a feel of home.  After a few more visits she met the owner of the shop and expressed her vision to clean up the shop. He was receptive and let her run with her ideas, without pay. The shop was about to permanently close if something didn’t change. Within a few weeks, the interior of the shop was cleaner, brighter and more organized. Systems were now in place and Southernmost Tattoo was on the road to success. In 2014 she purchased the shop from the previous owner. This is when Southernmost Tattoo really began to shine.

“I believe in hiring the right artists, with the right personality to meet the needs of our clients,” Jamie said in an interview. “It’s not just about sticking an image on someone’s skin; it should be an experience that isn’t forgotten.”

Although Jamie does not tattoo, she is very well versed in the industry and well respected by tattoo artists across the United States. She travels with her artists to tattoo conventions to keep up with the tattoo trends, meet artists and gain new clientele. The learning never ends, and big changes are always on the horizon for Southernmost Tattoo. No one is the least bit shocked anymore when they arrive for work and find the whole shop painted or rearranged.

For Jamie, the goal at the end of the day is to have satisfied clients and happy artists.

“Moving to Key West was the best decision I ever made. I met my husband Brandon here. I run a charter boat and a tattoo shop; how much better can it get?”

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