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Jimmy Burns

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy Burns has been officially tattooing since 1982 although he did his first tattoo when he was 10 years old. While he was in the US Army he started to think that tattooing was going to be a career possibility. Jimmy took a formal apprenticeship under Stephen Carney in 1992. A lot has changed in the tattoo industry since Jimmy started tattooing. The equipment, the pigments, the way he tattoos and the way he conducts business. The old school methods of hand made needles are a thing of the past. Jimmy now prefers completely disposable setups and a rotary machine.

Traveling is a huge part of Jimmy’s tattoo journey. He has tattooed in about 25-30 states and has been licensed in 6 states over the years. He is also a big part of the tattoo convention circuit. He truly can tattoo just about any style and when asked what his preferred style was, he said “I’m not picky anymore I just love tattooing”

Leaving Missouri to come tattoo in Key West was no tooth pulling decision. Although he loves to travel, the cold isn’t fun anymore. He loves fishing and exploring the Keys on his off days and he loves working in Key West.

Come see Jimmy Burns to discuss your next tattoo. You will enjoy his years of knowledge and his gentle personality.

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