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Danny Paine

Meet Danny

Discover the exceptional talent of Danny Paine, a self-taught master with over 25 years of tattooing experience. Starting his journey in Boston without formal training, Danny’s relentless practice has refined his versatile style, heavily influenced by pencil and charcoal, making him proficient in both intricate technical designs and bold, original creations. Although he excels across various styles, Danny prefers crafting new pieces over cover-ups, ensuring each tattoo is a unique masterpiece.

Danny values clear communication with his clients, promising that a well-articulated idea becomes a beautifully executed tattoo. He celebrates the evolution of tattooing, embracing the advancements in technique, safety, and social acceptance that enhance his daily work.

After moving to Key West in 2014, Danny found his perfect fit at Southernmost Tattoo, where his dedication to art and connection with clients flourish. Booking with Danny not only guarantees a stunning tattoo but also an enriching experience, leaving you with a piece of art and a lasting friendship.

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