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Hannah “Dot” Sheridan

Meet Dot

Meet Hannah “Dot” Sheridan, a distinguished tattoo artist whose journey into the world of tattooing is as unique as her art. Dot’s career began in an unconventional setting—the US Navy—where her service took her to the vibrant shores of Key West. It was here, amidst the beauty and diversity of the island, that she apprenticed under the renowned Jason Covington, honing her skills and developing a distinctive style that sets her apart in the tattoo community.

Dot’s work is deeply rooted in American Traditional, a style that resonates with her through its bold lines, vibrant colors, and iconic imagery. However, her versatility as an artist is evident in her proficiency with black & grey tattoos, where she brings depth and realism to each piece. Her Native American heritage and upbringing in Oklahoma infuse her work with a rich sense of identity and a deep connection to the storytelling aspects of tattoo art.

Together with her spouse, Kelsey, Dot has found a home in Key West, embracing the island’s unique culture and lifestyle. Their love for the community and the freedom it offers creatively is a testament to their commitment to building a life that celebrates art, diversity, and authenticity.

Whether you’re drawn to the classic allure of American Traditional or the subtle nuances of black & grey, Dot Sheridan offers not just a tattoo, but a piece of personal history inked into the skin, a story told through the language of art

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